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Special Collections in the History of Medicine

Medical Library Association of Newark, NJ
Record Book, 1905 - 1916

Revised June 2005
SP/3, [MC/13]


Meeting Notice, 1910New Jersey had no medical library prior to 1905. A meeting was called for organizing a medical library on November 18, 1905 "to establish and maintain a medical library in Newark, by gift or by arrangement with the Free Public Library of Newark, and organize a medical library association." Over one hundred individuals subscribed and on April 19, 1906, the Medical Library Association of Newark, NJ was incorporated. The medical library was housed in the reference room of the Public Library, where John Cotton Dana served for many years as its librarian. The collection grew through the joint effort of the Association and the Library until 1910, with the establishment of the Academy of Medicine of Northern New Jersey, the precursor of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey.

By 1921, all the books and journals belonging to the Association were moved to the Academy’s new building in Lincoln Park. In 1944, the Academy and the Public Library agreed to a joint operation of the library. By the terms of the agreement, the Public Library supplied the staff, and the Academy supplied the plant and operating budget. The agreement was terminated in 1954 when the size of the collection had reached 32,000 volumes and the Academy desired to assume full responsibility for the management of the library.

Scope & Content

The Medical Library Association of Newark, NJ, records consists of one disassembled volume, 1905-1916, with chronological order disrupted. The volume contains the constitution, Bulletins for physicians issued by the Free Public Library of Newark, notices of meetings, news clippings, acquisition lists, membership lists, reports, donor lists, correspondence and other documents related to the organization created to serve physicians chiefly in Essex County. The volume includes letters by John Colton Dana and material concerning Beatrice Winser. Also included are documents by or concerning Drs. Charles J. Kipp, Henry L. Coit, Frank W. Pinneo, and T.W. Corwin.

Provenance: Unknown (possibly a gift of the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey)

Size of Collection: .50 linear feet

Circular, ca. 1905

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