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Special Collections in the History of Medicine

Albert and Sarah C. Turner "Practical Phrenologists"
Papers, 1883-1910, n.d., w/gaps

Revised October 2004

Scope and Content Note

Albert Turner, Business Card

The papers primarily document the careers of "practical phrenologists," Sarah C. Turner (b.1844) and her husband, Albert Turner (b.1842) who lived in Passaic, New Jersey. Both were graduates of The American Institute of Phrenology in New York City, she in 1887 and he in 1891. The collection contains lectures given by Edgar C. Beall, MD, a Dr. Twing, and Sarah Turner, miscellaneous letters received by Albert Turner, Mrs. Turner's student phrenology notebook, and examples of phrenological examination reports prepared by Mrs. Turner for her clients.

Provenance: The collection was a gift of the Academy of Medicine, date unknown

Quantity: .25 linear feet

Container List

Box NumberFolder Number Contents
11Beall, Edgar C., M.D. Lectures 1-7, Sept 7-Oct 6, 1894.
 2Turner, Albert. Business card representing Fowler & Wells, n.d.
 3Turner, Albert. Letters Received, 1902, 1910.
 4Turner, Mrs. Albert [Sarah C.?]. Phrenology Notebooks, 1887.
 5[Turner, Sarah C.] Lecture given before the Mothers Association, n.d.
 6[Turner, Sarah C.]. Lecture, n.d.
 7Turner, Mrs. S[arah] C. "Mentalmist [sic]...". Testimonial Flyer, ca. 1903.
 8Turner, Sarah C. Phrenological Examination Reports, 1897-1905, n.d.
 9Twing, Dr. Lecture, Nov 5, 1883.

Processed by:
Lois R. Densky, Archivist
August 13, 1991

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