did you know?Medical Books: Banned, Recalled and ObjectionableBanned Medical Books

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National History of Man

The Natural History Of Man

by Sir William Lawrence

In 1822 the British Government banned this book due to claims the author made that theology and metaphysics have no place in medical research.


Holmes, Richard: The age of wonder : how the Romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of science. London : HarperPress, 2008.

Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy

Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy

by Eduard Pernkopf

After 1997, the publisher of this work voluntarily ceased publication due to links between its production and the Nazi Party.

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Anatomical Basis of Medical Practice

The Anatomical Basis of Medical Practice

by Becker, Wilson, & Gehweiler

This 1971 medical anatomy textbook was boycotted by Association of Women in Science and later withdrawn by the publisher for its depiction of women. 

Halperin EC. (2009). The pornographic anatomy book? The curious tale of The Anatomical Basis of Medical Practice. Academic Medicine. 84(2),278-283.

Orgone Accumulator

The Sexual Revolution

Character Analysis

The Mass Psychology of Fascism

by Wilhelm Reich

In 1956,  the United States Government banned these three books and put the author in jail due to  claims he made about the sexual, healing properties of a purported life force called orgone.

Sharaf, Myron R.: Fury on earth : a biography of Wilhelm Reich, New York : St Martin's Press/Marek, c1983.